Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Move Complete

Have I mentioned to you how much I fucking hate moving?  Well, if I haven't, I'm doing it now.
I fucking hate moving. 
We reserved a 16 foot covered trailer for the move but were overjoyed to discover that U-Haul only had a 12 foot uncovered trailer left on the lot at the agreed upon pickup time.  Needless to say my smile was strained trying to contain all the profanity and death-threats.
We managed to finish packing the first load in about an hour and arrived at the new place about an hour later.  I unfortunately had to dispose of my rickety entertainment center which sucks.  If anyone has an extra one they'd like to donate to the cause, I"d be happy to figure out a way to ship it to me. 
Anyway, the second load-in went much slower as it was more small stuff and more cleaning was done in between.  For the first time in my life my knees hurt like I wasn't 21.  By the end of the day (almost 12 hours later) I could barely walk down stairs.  Even the big hill at the back of my new complex was torture on the knees. 
I never want to do that again.  Hopefully I'll be rich enough by the next move to hire somebody to do it for me. 
Garbage Disposal Update:  Also, my father informed me of a rather awesome way to fix the trashed garbage disposal.  I guess there is a slot for an allen wrench underneath that allows you to move the blades backwards.  This dislodged the wedged glass bits and allowed the machine to function properly.  I doubt I'll be getting any security back anyway (my roommate was horribly messy) but at least I don't have to hear about a broken disposal. 

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