Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Moron of the Day: My Commenters

My commenters fucking rocked today.

First, in response to this post, dmoss made me laugh out loud at work:
Photoshopping Mel Gibson's face onto Greta was pure genius.

Second, an awesome backhanded (but accurate) compliment that I intend to wear with pride for the rest of my days:
You are a typing monkey who manages to be accidentally thoughtful and improbably endearing.
Fuck yeah.

Sorry for the dearth of posting today. I've been getting assrammed by work and they just installed some rather draconian web-tracking software. I'll be trying Blogger's email an entry feature later. Hopefully that'll work.

Otherwise, it'll be evening drunk blogging for all. Expect a new Zombie Invasion Ask a Moron tomorrow.

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