Friday, March 28, 2008

Quote of the Day

In a post about nuclear weapon patents, S. Weasel delivers the quote of the day:
Right in the middle of the Big One, dubya-dubya-deuce, the government didn’t write any special laws or invoke any extra-legal war powers. The department that makes war knuckles under to the rules of the department that files papers. They’re building this huge fucking doomsday weapon in the middle of the bloodiest war in the history of man, and they’re worried about violating international patent law.

I don’t care what the lefties say, the American government makes a lousy super villain.

People ask me why I steadfastly refuse to believe in any uber-conspiracy controlling the U.S. government and I calmly point to stories like this. Ascribing the diabolical intent and skills of a James Bond villain to a government that accidentally flies live nuclear weapons across the country seems a bit of a stretch.

Oh, and S. Weasel is the first new daily read to come out of the Moronosphere for me. Great stuff.

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