Friday, March 28, 2008

The Politics of Bullshit

Obama would have left the church has Wright not retired:
Sen. Barack Obama says in an interview scheduled to air on TV Friday that he would have left his church if his pastor had not retired and had not acknowledged making comments that "deeply offended people."

So the man spews racist, anti-American vitriol for 20 years but something he said in the last six months finally pushed Barack over the edge? Finally, words came out that were just over the line.

If this didn't get you out of your seat(not to cheer, you socialist fucktard), I'd really like to see what does cross this line:

Remember that the rubble of the twin towers were still smoldering when he said this. Thousands of American corpses were still buried in the mangled debris. The streets of Manhattan were still grey with the ash of a million shattered dreams.

And this man is celebrating with a public orgasm.

But somehow that wasn't enough to quit the church. What could have caused this change in the last six months? What could Wright have said or done that he hadn't done in the previous decades?

Surely political expediency has nothing to do with it. Clearly not that.

Politics of hope, my ass. It's just standard politics of bullshit.

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