Monday, March 24, 2008

Moron of the Day: Oreo - Speeding's Favorite Cookie

Everyone loves Oreo cookies and, as we all know, it is a crime against nature to eat an Oreo without dipping it in milk so I think we can all identify with this man's plight:
A state trooper who stopped the 1993 BMW last fall says its driver, 28-year-old Justin Vonkummer of Millerton, N.Y., blamed his driving problems on an errant Oreo.

Vonkummer told the trooper that an Oreo had just slipped from his fingers as he dunked it in a cup of milk, and that he was trying to fish it out when he lost control of his car.

What I really want do know is, why does digging around in a cup of milk cause you to accelerate? Erratic swerving? Yes. Lead foot? I think maybe I'd be inclined to slow down.

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