Tuesday, March 25, 2008

The Complicated Math of an Indirect Ace-o-lanche

Yesterday I noticed I had received about sixty hits in a few hours (4 returning! Thanks, Mom!) and decided to investigate. Imagine my shock when I saw referrals from doubleplusundead had gone through the roof as well as some traffic from Conservative Belle (well, hello there!).

Well, it appears that Ace has finally discovered his 10,000 retard choir and sent some traffic down stream. Some portion of that traffic, in turn, clicked through to my site and saw a picture of an Oreo cookie, thus realizing they had come to the wrong place.

So, the real question is: If I got 66 hits from Conservative Belle and doubleplusundead, how many people come through on a full, real Ace-o-lanche?

Placing the number 66 and 2 into my laziness engine gives me a rough estimate of 1 BILLION HITS! PER HOUR!!!!11

Well, where would Ace get so much traffic to send downstream?

That's right, China.

Thus, I am forced to conclude that Ace is a paid operative of the Chinese government tasked with providing Paul Anka and Hoagie agitprop to their sequestered population.

Think about it, the Chinese have no love for tall, blonde Scandinavians and clearly the Chinese government want's everything done Their Way.

Very clever Mr. Spades ... very clever. Too bad the laziness engine never lies.

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Conservative Belle said...

LOL! A real Ace-o-lanche can give you between 1000-1500 hits in one day, depending on the time, date and topic. Ethnicity is uncertain but I do get readers from all over the world from his site.

Welcome to the group!