Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Moron of the Day: Number of Orgasms: 3203

Andrew Sullivan's been known to go over the top but it seems that his manlove for Barack Obama has reached stalker proportions:
But I do want to say that this searing, nuanced, gut-wrenching, loyal, and deeply, deeply Christian speech is the most honest speech on race in America in my adult lifetime. It is a speech we have all been waiting for for a generation. Its ability to embrace both the legitimate fears and resentments of whites and the understandable anger and dashed hopes of many blacks was, in my view, unique in recent American history.

Barack, you might want to call your pastor and ask him what he thinks about homosexuality. I bet you might find his answer a bit nuanced for Sullivan's liking.

(h/t: HotAir)


doubleplusundead said...

Okay, I've gotta add this to my Links Around the Moronosphere, and you to my blogroll. How could I not add someone named Moron Pundit?

Moron Pundit said...

Haha... I don't know! I'm like the sine qua non of the Moronosphere if you ask me!