Wednesday, March 19, 2008


I've got little to say on the fallout from the Messiah's speachifying but I do know that his campaign is pretty much fucked. He may(probably will) win the nomination for the Democrats but if those super-dee-duper delegates go his way they will be making a severe mistake for their party.

Obama has become a catastrophic liability of seemingly unknown proportions. Once again the liberal wing of the liberal wing of the Democratic party hijacked the nomination process without properly vetting their candidate and once again (e.g. Dean, McGovern, Mondale) that candidate's background and bedfellows will make him completely unelectable in November.

The only way Obama could have a chance is if the wholly-owned shills in the media found some way to obscure all of his scandals and questionable allegiances. Leaving aside Chris Matthews' groin tingle and Andrew Sullivan's spasmodic serial orgasms, this makes it pretty clear they are not capable of doing so.

From the array of American flags behind a man who cannot be bothered to recite the Pledge of Allegiance to the cynical tossing of his own grandmother under the bus, Obama presented us with the most cynical, calculated, dishonest political speech of my generation. I always thought Obama was an honest and intelligent man who genuinely believed the socialist propaganda he promoted could heal our souls. Now I'm certain he is no less slimy than Bill Clinton with the added audacity to constantly brow-beat others with the race card while simultaneously defending the most vile racism and anti-Americanism with the same words. Disgusting

Thankfully, the Messiah has been crucified and it was the truth that was his executioner.

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