Friday, March 28, 2008

Dear Mac Users

Put this in your fucking pipe and smoke it:
The security researcher who walked away with $10,000 yesterday by hacking a MacBook Air in less than two minutes said he chose to attack Apple Inc.'s operating system for one simple reason.

"It was the easiest one of the three[OS X, Ubuntu, Windows Vista -ed]," said Charlie Miller, a principal analyst with Independent Security Evaluators (ISE), a Baltimore-based security consultancy. "We wanted to spend as little time as possible coming up with an exploit, so we picked Mac OS X."

I can't believe a barely-modified version of vanilla Unix isn't the most secure operating system on the planet! I just CAN'T. FUCKING. BELIEVE. that Steve Jobs' divine mandate allowed something like this to happen. Doesn't the ambrosia that is his rabid spittle so curative as to make all electronics he masticates immune to such mortal hacking! STOP THE FUCKING PRESSES!

God, I hate The Macolic Church. I want a computer, not an iron-fisted overlord.

P.S.: Obligatory.


Anonymous said...

Actually I am a mac user and I don't get the whole "OMFG you are a mac guy too? WOW macs are the BESTEST!!!!" thing with all of the other users. I mean, I like macs and the operating system, but I don't go batshiat crazy every time a new product comes out.


Old Iron

Moron Pundit said...

It is so refreshing to come across someone like you... although I assume the vast majority of mac users are the sane silent type.

It's the ridiculous fanboys bowing down before Steve Jobs that make all the noise.