Monday, March 31, 2008

My Daughter Has A Sense of Humor

While the joys of fatherhood are many and constant, it seems my daughter has found her favorite game and it is called "Don't let daddy sleep ever, ever, ever." She totally kicks ass at it, too.

Last night she went to bed at her normal 9:00 PM but decided sleeping until the pleasant 4 AM was out of the question and instead awoke at 1:00 AM. After a quick feeding, she was back asleep by 12:30 but right back up by 4:00 and this time she stayed awake until my waking hour of 5:30. Now, this wouldn't be so bad except that as soon as I got in the shower she fell asleep and stayed that way until I dropped her off at day care.

Clever girl. Of course, I'll get her for this by dressing up as Elvis (fat, disgusting Elvis) when I pick her up from High School.

After all, every child has a right to be embarrassed by their parents. I aim to please.

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