Thursday, January 3, 2008

Just Flew Back From New York

And boy are my arms tired! Well not tired so much as the left one is immobilized due to the broken collarbone associated with it. I failed to complete the urban drinking course before attempting New Years Eve in New York City and shoulder-planted spectacularly on some uneven terrain.

Then I spent 4 hours in a Manhattan ER which was exactly as busy and ridiculous as you'd expect. Example: A friend got ill (for some reason...) and as he was evacuating outside, an ambulance showed up. We thought it was stopping to help but then the driver pulled out his camera, snapped a picture and drove off laughing hysterically. You can't make this stuff up.

The staff at the hospital was professional and attentive although I think they may have made a mistake giving a rather intoxicated individual two Percocet as soon as I walked in the door. Let's say they were not amused by my patient revolt when I saw I was being treated before an infant in the ER.

Here's me in the ER:

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