Thursday, December 27, 2007

Off to New York!

I'm leaving with my brother and sister for New York City tomorrow morning. I'm sick as a dog so this flight may not be so much fun. Well, if it even gets off the ground. They are predicting 6" of snow in the O'Hare area tomorrow starting in the morning so I may not be flying anywhere for a while. Wish me luck.

Posting will be light(can it be lighter?) but I'll try to upload some pictures of my trip. I hear we will be rocking out on the roof of a building in Time Square on New Year's Eve which will probably be pretty spectacular.

Thank you to Chaika and Dan Collins for the Christmas/Other wishes and gifts. It is greatly appreciated and I will attempt to reciprocate by making the blog worth one-tenth the attention I've gotten.

Oh, and go Bears!

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