Wednesday, November 14, 2007

In Which I Argue for the Abolition of Accounting Homework*

I'm not sure how humanity endured the standard accounting process before the invention of computers but now I understand why going off to World War II didn't phase the greatest generation. Credits, debits, payables, promissory notes, taxes, payroll, assets, contra-assets, contra-liabilities, equity, the list never stops. Its like a clusterfuck of mind-rape in a book I'd rather crack my skull with than crack open.

So, the Moron Pundit is a tired, useless moron today and may persist in this state until one of the following happens:

  • Complete Mental Breakdown - While it seems horrifying on its surface, I can't deny a certain appeal in the idea. Certainly, I would fail at school and work and probably end up in an institution but would it really be so bad to just lay in a padded room and be brought food three times per day? Compared to accounting it sounds magical.

  • I Join the Circus - Have you ever yearned to feel the wind in your hair as your miniature motorcycle reaches 40 miles per hour inside a sphere cage filled with fire? Have you ever taken accounting? I'd rather butter up and jump in a lion's mouth than calculate one more social security withholding.

  • The Semester Ends - December 17th. Oh, glorious day! Oh wonderment and rapture! My academic career culminates on that blessed day and there will be a party and not just any party. I fully intend to drink until I can't feel feelings.

Until one of those things happens, posting here may be light from time to time. I'm just too busy to promise any quantity of material here. I can, however, guarantee the quality. I will always deliver the full-on moronic quality you've come to know and love. You have my word.

*-Of course the post title is very Pejmanesque.

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