Wednesday, November 14, 2007


Once again, a screeching leftist demonstrates their inability to remember or acknowledge any events preceding the Clinton Presidency:
Let me reassert the obvious here: The war in Iraq has been a disaster, the stupidest foreign policy decision ever made by an American President.

Really? The stupidest foreign policy decision ever? That is a very bold statement considering the competition 230 years of history has provided. Before I list some candidates for Stupidest Foreign Policy Decision Evar™ let me remind you that these wild claims about Bush and Iraq are not intended to be factual or informative but to engender terror in the average American's heart. They have to be made to see just how bad things have become. Joe Klein is not stupid and knows full well that Iraq is a blip of an error(if you believe it to be an error at all) compared to some of the true foot-up-the-ass policy choices that have been made in our history.

Now, without further ado, my list of Stupidest U.S. Foreign Policy Decisions:
  • Reagan's Retreat From Lebanon - I think it has become pretty clear over the last 24 years just how stupid this decision was. Terrorist leaders started to build their 'paper tiger' argument about the U.S. on October 23, 1983. I'd rank Carter's dealing with Iran as stupider but it is hard to call his behavior a 'decision.' More like the opposite.

    See also: Carter and Iran, Clinton in Somalia, Bush I in Iraq

  • Spanish American War - Now, this one turned out okay but at the time had to have been one of the stupider ideas America had ever had. Trump up an explosion in Cuba in order to declare war on a major naval power for the purpose of empire building. This was obviously a great plan because we could really toss our weight around with an empire of tiny islands spread all over the globe. Brilliant.

    See also: Mexican-American War (Not so much stupid as just mean!)

  • War of 1812 - After just barely escaping the Revolutionary War with our freedom, we decide we need to kick the hornet's nest a bit more and invade Canada. Who wouldn't want to engage the world's largest navy and army in a war? Well, most everyone except us, it seems. As you might expect, we got kicked around pretty well and our capital was burned. While we didn't lose I would be very hesitant to call this a win. Let's call it a tie.

  • Johnson's Expansion of the Vietnam War - Not so stupid deciding to expand it as the stupidity of doing so without any desire to actually, you know, win the damned thing. By the time Nixon had the reins, it was clear the country was done with Vietnam and no effort of his would win the war without destroying the Republican Party. Oh well, only millions of people died when we retreated.

Have a better one? Leave them in the comments. I definitely left some room for ideas relating to our dealings with the Soviets. There were too many to choose from.

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