Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Cowboys Do Chicago Bears Impersonation

But still win in astoundingly exciting fashion. I don't normally say this but if you missed that game I feel sorry for you. It was bizarre from the first moment and never anything but exciting to watch.

More interestingly, it appears that Dallas has decided to completely copy Chicago's last year season. Let's look at some parallels...

  • Start out 4 - 0.
  • During the month of September, a (basically) rookie quarterback puts up MVP numbers while the team leads the league in scoring.
  • Embarrass the defending NFC Champions who are struggling on offense.
  • Go on the road on Monday night while heavily favored and barely win a game that definitely should have been lost. In the course of this game, the quarterback turns the ball over so many times that it is disturbing.

So, now I have some predictions.

  • Dallas will, as the Bears did, lose to the Patriots.
  • Tono Romo's troubles at the quarterback position will continue. It was not a fluke. It was a weakness that had been exploited and will continue to be exploited.
  • The Cowboys will be the top seed in the NFC.
  • The Bears (Defending Champs) will turn their season around to some extent and make the playoffs. They will make it to the Divisional game against the Cowboys and in a stark turnaround from the first game be very competitive but lose in overtime.
  • The Cowboys will be evidently outmatched by whatever team it is they play in the Super Bowl and lose.

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