Tuesday, July 29, 2008

That's Some Fucked Up Shit Right There

Yesterday in the evening I was waiting for my sister to come visit so I decided to take my little daughter to the playground behind my apartment complex. While I attempted to convince Luci that the kiddy swing was supposed to be fun, not a novel form or torture, I was approached by some neighborhood immigrant children.

I noticed an obvious hispanic accent (probably an island or maybe South American) as the older sister, a girl of maybe 12 (I'm pretty certain she's more like 10) engaged me in conversation.

Her: "How old she is?"

Me: "About six months."

Her: "That's as old mine is."

Me: "..."

At this point I assumed she had mispoken in a non-native tongue and meant her brother or sister cousin...

Her: "She's with her grandmother...."


Her: "With my mother."


Her: But mine is a boy. The father goes to my school.

It is a rare and amazing occassion when I have absolutely nothing to say. I quickly did some math in my head and realized that, even assuming a very generous age of 12, this girl had gotten pregnant at the age fucking 10 years old! In my ignorance, I thought you needed to be a fucking teenager to have kids.

Then I remembered that girls had started menstruating as young as nine and fertility goes along with that.. Still, that means someone had sex with a 10 year old (at the oldest) and got her pregnant. And she had it. And it survived.

And she's fucking raising it.

That's some fucked up shit right there.

I'll leave you with her most disturbing sentence, "I had to give mom the baby so I could go out and play... have some fun."

What the fuck is wrong with the world?


Alice H said...

Hey, when you're trying to produce an anchor baby, there's no downward age limit for the mom.

Anonymous said...

As George Michael would say "yikes".

Anonymous said...

How old is grandma, do you think? 22?

This sort of thing doesn't arise in a vacuum, or rather, it is fostered by what they see around them.

Just think - the boy's chances aren't that great. When you got kids raising kids, I start thinking of the twisted thinking that can happen - Lord of the Flies is a story of what could happen with no adult supervision.

Anonymous said...

I'll tell you what's wrong with the world... We are letting the gene pool get too full. I'm thinking that sooner or later, mother nature or mankind is gonna step in and pour some chlorine in...

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