Thursday, July 17, 2008

Man, It's Dusty In Here

Good thing I brought my feather duster and maid outfit.

Good luck getting that image out of your head.

Life has been truly ridiculous the last month. Whether it be three jobs, a baby, family, friends getting married or just working on a totally awesome Zombie video game (details coming soon) I just haven't had a chance to breathe. When I do get a moment, I tend to post my good stuff over at DPUD since it will be read by far more than the three or four people that stop over here.

I'll be unveiling my new part-time consulting company via its new website shortly. In addition to other professional services, I intend to offer blog installation, maintenance, programming and update services. Also, I want to provide scripts for anything from polls to random phrase generators, etc. I've got pretty solid talent at programming in PHP, Javascript, ASP, etc (if I really list it out it sounds like bragging these days) so I can interface with most any blog engine you happen to be running.

Also, I think I'm going to start posting a bunch of pictures of my daughter and other photographs I take. I'm trying to train myself to use GIMP to create good logos and other web graphics and, while the progress is slow, I'm getting somewhere.

Eventually, you'll all want to purchase your products from Moron Solutions. No, I'm not kidding. Not even a little.

Moron Solutions: We don't think we're smarter than you.

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Alice H said...


If we didn't do most of that stuff already ourselves, I'd definitely hire you.