Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Moron of the Day: Oh, Somebody Knows

One need only look at the United Nations to witness that staggering apex of human stupidity.  Observe:
"Nobody understands how $11 to $12 billion a year of subsidies in 2006 and protective tariff policies have had the effect of diverting 100 million tonnes of cereals from human consumption, mostly to satisfy a thirst for fuel for vehicles," said FAO head Jacques Diouf, opening the summit at the body's Rome headquarters.
This statement is so absurdly stupid that I feel a desperate need to believe he is joking.  Why, it is almost like some magical force drives prices up when demand is artificially inflated by subsidies and protection. 
Even better?  The solution found by these dipshits is to subsidize food production on the other side!  Of course, this will just cause the prices to rise again as the two sides get into a government funded bidding war with other people's money.
People actually want to put these helmeted retards in charge of the whole planet? 


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