Thursday, May 8, 2008

They Can't Protect You

They can only come along behind and pick up the pieces. Next time you think you don't need to be able to defend yourself, remember Brittany Zimmerman:

A 911 call from a murdered college student's cell phone featured sounds that should have been significant to a 911 operator, but they were not heard by the dispatcher during the call, Dane County's top official said Tuesday.

County Executive Kathleen Falk apologized for errors in how the call was managed, but said even if it had been handled correctly, it probably would not have saved Brittany Sue Zimmermann's life on April 2.

"From what I know, I do not believe that had the errors not occurred in the 911 center, that her murder could have been prevented," she said.

Hey, fuck you, bitch. Add this to the list of a billion reasons I can't fucking stand government employees. Can you imagine a more callous response to someone dying by your mistake than "well, it wouldn't have saved her anyway."

That's not the fucking point and we pay her salary to know that. Maybe she should, just a little, like... I don't know... care what happens to the citizens she is responsible for protecting. Her department fucked up and a young person is dead.

Fucking own it, you piece of shit.

I'm buying another gun.


bmac said...

I'm buying another gun.

Problem solved.

It's kind of ironic that you posted a picture of Cho on the next post. The VT massacre is exhibit fuckin' A of how the cops can not stop a crime in progress.

Even 400 of them.

Moron Pundit said...

It astounds me that so many of my fellow countrymen are not only stupid enough to think the government should PROTECT us but then, seeing how incompetent they are at that, demand that they manage our entire healthcare system.

That's like watching a guy building a mailbox saw his arm off then asking him to build your new house.