Friday, May 16, 2008

Living the Moron Lifestyle

Have you ever woken up, gotten in the shower and noticed a penny on the floor in there?  Then you think to yourself, "Self, the only way that fucking penny got in here is because it was somehow stuck to your body."   Then you start thinking about what type of lifestyle one must lead to be in a position to have a penny stuck to him.
I need a wife.  Badly.
P.S.: Dear blog,
Please place the attached picture at the top of the blog post without any shenanigans or, as recommended by Old Iron and DPUD, you will face the stinging back of my pimphand. 
Blog better have my money.
Moron Pundit


Alice H said...

It doesn't stop when you get married. There are a couple of pennies in my husband's shower right now.

(I think they fall out of his pocket when he's getting undressed next to the shower, fwiw)

Old Iron said...

That's how you do it! Repre-SENT on that blog!

Break it's will to resist and take that velvet glove off that iron fist!