Thursday, April 3, 2008


This guy had them straight:
A German man was such an avid collector of weapons and other paraphernalia that he ran out of space at home and had to sleep in a hotel, neighbors said following the 71-year-old's death.

Executors found an arsenal of weaponry and assorted goods at the man's two-story home in the western city of Aachen, police said on Wednesday.

"There were 71 guns -- one for each year of his life," said police spokesman Paul Kemen. "He also had 41 cases of ammunition and five walking sticks fitted with retractable blades."

And this is interesting:
No heirs have yet been found for the man, police said.

Looks like it is time for a name change and a flight to Aachen. I need to get my inherit on.


caliban said...

Hey Moron,

Thanks for dropping by my squat. I sprechen a bit of deutch. Maybe...a road trip?


Moron Pundit said...

Only we morons would try a road trip to Germany.

I'm in!