Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Oboners And McGaffes

Once again stupid political partisans are trying to score political points by overblowing the importance of simple misstatements by the candidates and Ace does a pretty good job of explaining why this shit doesn't matter in the fucking slightests:
This crap is so obvious I'm disgusted I have to explain it. Everyone in the MSM knows this. They make their jobs writing and they know how brain-fart typos occur. They know they mean to write "conscious" but somehow the fingers trip out the word "conscience" anyhow, or vice versa.

Or even, for me, "concussion" on occasion. The Stupid Brain does the best it can, after all.

And yet here were are.

Of course, they've been pulling this retarded trick for a decade against Bush and his "Bushisms" going so far as to start a daily blog that should have been called "This is a stretch."

My question to the media is this: Have you ever talked to a human being in your life? People aren't flawless robots regurgitating encyclopedia entries at light speed. Their brains are flawed and make mistakes. How can you not know this?

Of course, they do know this. That is why they'll take a very excusable gaffe by McCain and feed a herd of cattle but attempt to underplay and trivialize intentional statements by Democrats that are far more ludicrous and, dare I say, fucking ignorant.

The Deciders: All the news that's fit to convince you to DO AS WE SAY.

Top Ten MainStream Media (The Deciders) Slogans
  • 10. Where more people get there news than probably should.*

  • 9. Hour fact-checking am weigh better then hour editing.

  • 8. A thousand unidentified stringers can't be wrong.

  • 7. We're not biased, we're right.

  • 6. A Photoshop is worth a thousand words.

  • 5. Of course it's more important when pretty people die.

  • 4. If we don't say Republican just make an assumption.

  • 3. Let us tell you how the economy is doing.

  • 2. We know the Military: We watched M.A.S.H.

  • 1. Because blogs are free and you get what you pay for.

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