Monday, April 28, 2008

Editorial Spill

I spent the weekend with my daughter while attempting to write a very large amount of web code. Let's say I was more successful making my daughter smile than my employers. This week we go live at my other job on a major project so I'll be swamped and probably very grumpy by the time May rolls around.

I barely got a chance to watch or look at any news this weekend but it looks like there's a whole lot of fucking nothing happening. I tried to find a Moron of the Day and came up with Wesley Snipes. It's old, I know but he is seriously mentally deficient. I'll probably have an Ask a Moron today as well so stay tuned.

The thing that sucks most epically is that last week was the best week this blog has ever had and I have to follow it up with Hell Month. If you just started reading I hope you like crap because that's what you'll be getting for a while.

Well, that and fucking cursing and explosions.

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