Monday, February 18, 2008

Quote of the Day

So anyway. It’s going to be fun having Michelle Obama as first lady. Forget everything I’ve said about McCain and how he’d be a better president. He’s poked conservatives in the eye too many times, you know, and for that we must all be punished with a vacuous, soul-saving, Jesus-complex-having, inexperienced tool of a President. It’ll be fun for my blog, at least until I’m shipped to the nearest Soul-Restoration Gulag where I will enjoy high-quality socialized healthcare while I undergo “training” to finally rid me of all that pesky personal responsibility I burden myself with, at least until Iran starts nuking us. - Rachel Lucas

I got into a rather lengthy conversation about the presidential election at my birthday party on Saturday (no broken bones this time!) in which I was constantly asked "but if Barack Obama gets elected, will he change things?"

Ugh. I estimated that he wouldn't as he'd be inept at Inside-the-Beltway politics and would have too many Clintonista enemies but I fear he'd get just enough of his messianic agenda through to permanently fuck us.

In the ass.

So, I have to reinforce my endorsement of John McCain. Help us Johnny Mac, you're our only hope.

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