Friday, February 15, 2008

It's Not the Medication

Great, now they're going to go on about him stopping his medication. Here's a clue, I don't care what medication you're on, it doesn't suddenly take you from sane graduate student to four-gun-wielding mass murderer just like that.

The media is retarded.

Oh, and one more thing. Even if you aren't allowed to carry weapons on campus, where are the two or three individuals it takes to rush this guy and take him out? Sure you'll probably die but you'll save lives and anything beats sitting on the floor waiting to be executed. I'm not saying I'd have the balls. I'm saying I'd rather live in a world where people did. Like this:
"I heard this girl scream, 'Run, he's reloading the gun!'"

Somebody should have run toward him at that point. Something.

Again, I don't know that I"d be a hero in this situation. But things would have turned out better if there had been a couple there. Too bad this world teaches you how to be a victim now instead of taking control of your own life. They teach you to give the criminal your wallet. They teach bank tellers to give them whatever they want. They teach students to run when threatened.

Sometimes you have to stand and fight. I hope, if I'm ever this unlucky, I'll have the courage of my convictions and I certainly have no gripe against those that didn't fight back. I have a gripe with a society that values acquiescence over bravery.

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