Thursday, February 14, 2008


Is it just me or is Obama's success directly proportional to how long it's been since he had to debate someone? I seem to recall him doing pretty poorly in the debates.

Speaking of that, wouldn't you love to see Obama debate Dick Cheney? Man, that'd be SWEET.


ExistingThing said...

I'd love to see ANYONE debate Dick Cheney. He's always good for a verbal smack-down on anyone who challenges him.

Moron Pundit said...

He's like the Sith Lord of political debate. We were spoiled the last two VP debates, that's for sure. said...

Hey Moron

You're out in Wisconsin, right? You want to team up and help me get out the vote for Hilldog? She's an instant win for us in the generals, but I think if Obama wins, we're screwed.

GOP for Hillary!

Moron Pundit said...

I am in Wisconsin and I intend to vote for Hillary? when given the opportunity.