Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Odds and Ends (Dirty Ones)

Well, it is my fifth day of fatherhood and I couldn't possibly be enjoying this more than I am. Little Luci (Lucia) spends most of her time sleeping with the occasional hyper-active phase where she flails about and makes faces and looks around at the world with the most charmingly fascinated expression. Already she's gaining a lot of strength and can move her head around or almost flip onto her side.

I have to say, I now pity anyone who doesn't want to have kids but appreciate that they don't. If you aren't the type of person who wants them, please don't have them. If you don't love taking care of them, it might start to feel like work.

Well, looks like Fred is done which sucks but Huck probably is too which is great. Rudi is toast as well as he trails in not only Florida but also New York!!!

So who would I rather have between McCain or Romney? Whoever would win the general election. Attack my lack of principals if you will but both of them will be infinitely better for our economy, security and freedom (McCain dips a bit here...) than their Democratic alternatives.

Nuclear Explosions
Umm... Yeah. I love explosions. The problem is that new, interesting pictures of nuclear explosions are hard to come by. I'm thinking I'll have to get a bit creative on this.


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