Thursday, January 24, 2008

Busy Might Just Be An Excuse

While it is true that I have tons to do it seems that much of the quiet on this blog can be explained by the lack of interesting events on which to comment. I'm not a real political wonk (not really... not like Ace or Allahpundit) and now that Fred is out, I'm not really all that excited about anyone running. I just don't have much to say.

Instead, I've spent my time changing diapers and feeding Luci as she has lost some weight and we need to really force-feed her to get it back up. Fun stuff!

I'd probably be more productive if I had a laptop but the one I bought in May took a shit (complete hard drive failure) and probably will never work again. It also lacked power but at least it managed my work load. Now I'm shackled to my desktop which will be very annoying once the Luci is around.

Maybe I'll buy one as an early birthday present to myself. Lord knows, I won't have the disposable income to deal with that later. Babies are expensive. Worth it, but expensive.

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