Monday, November 12, 2007

Drowning in a Sea of IBM

Man, if these IBM Products don't stop "Just Working" sometime soon I think I might start "just pouring water" all over the motherboard.

I swear, for software with this perfect a reputation, they sure can't write Windows code, which is funny because they constantly deride Microsoft as being simplistic and moron-code. Well, if morons can do it and IBM can't, what does that say?

Seriously, an install program should, you know, install the software and not hang interminably during the process. Also, if you check the "make update uninstallable" box you should probably be afforded some method with which to uninstall the fucking software.

What it should not do is make the entirety of the remaining software useless while simultaneously disallowing a complete fresh installation. That would be a bad programming decision.

In closing, Big Blue can Below Me.

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