Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Who Is Moron Pundit?

If you said, "A great blogger!" you're not only wrong but probably dangerous to society.

Anyway, I've spent way too many time discussing politics and not nearly enough time rambling incoherently about topics that only I find interesting. Through my pointless, meandering drivel you can get to know the real Moron Pundit. Isn't that exciting?

Earlier, I found myself wondering if there was ever a time when we had autumn in this country. All the stories and history are filled with the description of a season after summer (but before winter) in which the temperatures slowly descend while trees change colors and people drink cider. Now, the trees most definitely change color and I've had a cider or two in my time but where does this myth about the slowly descending temperatures come from.

It was 90 last week in Wisconsin, a state that's climate would not most accurately be described as balmy. Then I realized, I can't remember even one autumn that fit the stereotype instilled in my childhood. Every year, it's 90's until October then 40's the next day. Well, something equally drastic at any rate.

Am I wrong here? Was there ever an autumn of that type? If not, who made up this myth and for what nefarious purpose?

I blame the jacket manufacturers. Them or their cohorts in the sweater-vest industry. Obviously some type of conspiracy needs to exist to explain them. I think we should all start paying more attention to the moderately-inclement weather garment industry. They may be up to something.

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