Saturday, October 13, 2007

Turks Fight PKK In Turkish Town

I've been following this as it develops and it is looking less good by the minute:
Turkish troops and Kurdish fighters have exchanged gunfire in the Turkish town of Unuderi close to the Turkey-Iraq border.

Fox News is flooding the airwaves with video from the town. Another story states that Turkey has moved as many as 60,000 soldiers to the Iraqi border in anticipation of a large anti-terrorist operation.

We are in a precarious position here. Turkey has a very legitimate right to pursue these murdering bastards wherever they hide. Even if they didn't it certainly wouldn't be the U.S. that told them so. The problem is that Kurdistan is the most peaceful and successful region in Iraq and the nationalist elements generally support the goals if not the tactics of the PKK. Our best bet is to get the Kurds themselves to hunt down these terrorists. Certainly they can understand the horrible consequences should they not.

We can't protect them from themselves.

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