Saturday, October 13, 2007

In the Navy

As of this day in 1775, the United States of America had a navy:
A plan was drawn up to intercept the ships, however the armed vessels to be used were owned not by Congress, but by individual colonies. Of greater significance, then, was an additional plan to equip two ships that would operate under the direct authority of Congress to capture British supply transports. This was not carried out until October 13, 1775, when George Washington announced that he had taken command of three armed schooners under Continental authority to intercept any British supply ships near Massachusetts. With the revelation that vessels were already sailing under Continental control, the decision to add two more was made easier; the resolution was adopted and October 13 would later become known as the United States Navy's official birthday.

The first ship was the U.S.S. Hannah. After capturing one ship it was run aground evading British guns.

A lot has happened in 232 years. We've gone from this:

USS Wasp

To this:

Non Sibi Sed Patriae!

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