Thursday, October 25, 2007

The Turkey Problem

Well, it looks like I've got the resolution I'm looking for:
Turkish troops on the Turkish-Iraqi border "killed more than 30 terrorists" preparing an attack, the military said on its Web site Thursday.

1 of 3 The incident, which happened late Tuesday, occurred near a military post in Turkey's Hakkari province. Turkey has been fighting rebels from the Kurdistan Workers' Party, or PKK, who have been operating on both sides of the mountainous, rugged region bordering Turkey and Iraq.

"This terrorist group was fired upon heavily by tanks, cannons and other artillery," the Turkish military said in a statement.

It continued that the firepower forced the fighters to flee to Iraq, "and they were followed with bombardment by Turkish forces." Information from local sources and intelligence determined that more than 30 "terrorists" were killed, it added.

The Associated Press reported military sources as saying that 64 rebels have now been killed since Sunday.

They're bringing the noise, baby!

By resolution, I don't mean that this is over. Not by a long shot. What I'm saying is, the decision is made and all that will result from it is self-evident. There will be a low-level incursion by Turkish forces into Kurdish-Iraqi territory for the next several weeks during which many breathless, face-saving protestations will be made by both the Kurdish and American leadership but nothing will actually be done to stop it.

Why? Because it is in our interest that Turkey be appeased on this matter and any further antagonism will only serve to threaten a strategic relationship we desperately need. Turkey's military will go on their adventure and will most likely kill quite a lot of the PKK. We and our allies will be secretly glad they killed the rabble-rousing scum and we'll have all forgotten about it in a month.

Honestly, I wish the Turks well. Nothing makes me happy like suicide bombing cowards getting blasted to chunky salsa.

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