Thursday, October 25, 2007

No News, Time to Ramble

Not much in the news is really catching my interest the last week or so. That combined with a ridiculous work/school schedule (50 hours of the former, 15 credits of the latter) leaves little time in my day for dedicated blogging. But have not fear! I can still bring you page after page of my standard, low quality, moronic drivel free of charge!


I'm taking an accounting class. I don't think I've had such a severe love/hate relationship with a subject since calculus. On the one hand, I'm very good at it and it has certain order and logic that my pattern-based brain just adores. On the other hand, I have to spend hours bent over a ledger cramping my hand around a pencil until I have a claw instead. I now know two things for certain. One, I could be an accountant if I wanted to. Second, I will never, ever want to.


I'm not sure I have much to say about this right now until the simmer we are at finally reaches a boil. Turkey won't back down. The Kurds won't back down. The Iraqi government won't back down. The U.S. government won't back down. Well, sooner or later one of them will have to cave. Victory is, in fact, a zero sum game.

Green Bay Packers

I hate them. Work has allowed us to wear Packer's paraphenalia to work on Monday in honor of their game against the Broncos. Too bad I'd rather wear bondage gear to work than that. Of course, the rule is very strict that it must be Packer's gear and no other team. BIGOTRY!

Month Ends

I don't know that there is any more difficult and annoying process at my work than running month end reports. While I understand that legacy systems are rarely convenient to work on, it seems to me absurd that they haven't spent the 100,000 to just update their systems for once and for all. It isn't like having to run 3283 steps to complete one report is saving them any money.

The Joys of Car Ownership

While getting out of my car at work today, my foot tapped the door and two foot long spears of rust fell to the parking lot. Excellent. This hot-shot programming job had better start paying off soon or I'll be walking 44 miles to work.

Vending Machines

What the hell inspires people to make vending machines that don't return money? And if you need to design it that way, please do the world a fucking favor and remove the coin return lever? Quit being pricks.

Question of the Age

My bathtub has one of those two-state drain plugs that clicks into a sealed position and then back out into an open position. I've found that over time the rubber gasket warps and prevents the mechanism from locking shut. So here is the question: which is better? Standard plugs, two-state plugs or the very excellent plastic mat-cover thingy?

Anything you ruffians want to discuss or have me discuss? Put it in the comments and I'll write a fucking essay about it.

We'll call it, Ask a Moron!


chaika said...

What would be the most politically-incorrect, divisive, subversive and inflammatory Halloween Costume for this year?

Moron Pundit said...

Nice. Answer coming this evening.