Friday, October 5, 2007

Specifically Unpatriotic

As I mentioned recently, I find the disturbing protestations of leftists about their patriotism to be the height of inanity. Now we see them filled with faux rage at Rush Limbaugh after willfully misinterpreting statements that were neither offensive to the military nor false in any way. Captain Ed notes something that should make their heads explode:

So Rush Limbaugh supposedly calls dissenting soldiers "phony" -- he didn't, but let's run with this -- and the Left screeches about dishonoring the troops. How about calling them predators, murderers, and liars? Does that count as besmirching the troops? Will Media Matters and Harry Reid call for Code Pink to be shut down, and will Wes Clark demand that they have no access to military facilities?

Obviously everyone can agree that this behavior isn't patriotic. You might even say it is un-patriotic. I know I'm just a bumpkin midwestern conservative but if you call me a child predator, murder and liar I may get the impression you are insulting me.

Were I to point this out, I'm certain I'd get a vast array of gesticulating protestations from the left about how the right is attempting to malign them as unpatriotic. Perhaps we have a problem of specificity.

Code Pink is unpatriotic. Jack Murtha is unpatriotic. In exchange for agreement on these specific statements, I'm willing to allow terms generally used generically by the left (racist, hateful, bigoted, closed-minded, stupid, etc.) to be more specifically applied to individual conservatives or groups of conservatives.

I'll open the bidding with Pat Buchanon.

I eagerly await your counter-offer.

Update: I don't know why you come here instead of reading posts by talented bloggers like Armed Liberal. Oh well, you monkeys probably deserve me.

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