Thursday, October 4, 2007

Precursor To Major Apple Hatefest

I don't have time to unleash my massive Apple hatefest tonight but let this link suffice for the time being. If you don't think this is funny, you are either a hopeless Mac fanboy (douchebag) or some type of android. (If you are an android, I'll help you conquer the humans if I can have Australia.)

Anyway, read this:
When the iPhone was first announced, CEO Steve Jobs spewed enough BS to cover a football field full of babies 3 feet deep in bullshit, which sounds cool because he could have potentially murdered a football field full of babies, but he passed on this opportunity by introducing the phone instead. He claimed that the phone was three devices in one: an iPod, a phone, and an "Internet communications device." Oooh, an Internet communications device?! AWESOME!

Seriously. Read everything on there. He even has some wonderful posts where he shits all over those Truther morons.

I love this guy.

Update: By the way, he endorses the genocide of blogs. (Not bloggers... I think.) I strive to have a blog worthy of this hatred.

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