Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Paid Writer Writes Things, Gets Paid

This is what happens when, instead of having a thought and turning into words, you start needing words and desperately search for a thought:
Some people base their vote on an ideological laundry list. Other people vote for or against a candidate because of emotional attachment to a single issue — gun control, abortion rights, opposition to war. Some even admit it. But don't expect to hear many people in 2008 say they're voting for (or against) Clinton or Obama for the simple reason that one is a woman or the other is black.


So back to the question: Should people vote for Clinton because she's a woman or Obama because he's black? Of course they should.

And I should practice what I preach. Both Clinton and Obama are too liberal for an extreme moderate like me, so there has to be a reason that trumps ideology. In Clinton's, I can see one.

I'm prepared to vote for her because I'd like for my daughters to see a woman president in my lifetime. Lord knows how long it will be before another female candidate rises to the top.

Apparently that search ended in failure.

Let me try to sum up this opinion. Even if I do not agree with the politics, or even like a politician, I should vote for them because they are of a particular race or gender?

This is the most asanine bullshit I've ever read. It isn't that I find the opinion odious so much as without any intellectual merit. He claims to be a moderate and yet would vote for Hillary to show his children a role-model? Hillary is a dogged socialist who cynically stays with a politically popular husband in order to get near the only thing that she truly loves; power. Voting for her because she's a woman will only teach his daughters that being female is more important than any action they take while providing a role model that has set back feminism more than any other woman in the last 20 years.


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