Thursday, June 12, 2008

Wisconsin Has Angered God

And we're about to get punished.

The state hasn't even backed off from record flood levels and we're about to get 3+ inches of rain tonight. It appears that at least 3 dams are going to give way tonight at least.

Also, most of the interstates are being closed due to flooding, semis are being blown over by high winds and power is slowly turning off for thousands of residents.

I'm just waiting for some retarded Packer fan to blame this on Favre's retirement.

At any rate, wish us luck. We're going to need it.

P.S. Do you know why Bush hasn't visited the effected areas yet? He hates white people.

Update: Current reports show that each of three dams are currently expected to hold by county officials if the rain total is less than 3". That is, unfortunately, a big if. We're up to 19,000 without power.

Only about 6 hours of storms to go.

Update Part Deux: I was right, Fond du Lac is fucked:

County Executive Allen Buechel declared a State of Emergency for all of Fond du Lac County on Thursday evening. All citizens are asked to remain in their homes unless they need to evacuate.

Many streets and roads are impassable across the county. The County is urging residents to stay home unless they need to evacuate.

One resident said some sewers are gushing out like fountains in the city of Fond du Lac. The sewers backed up into many basements and many city roads are impassible due to flooding.

Those poor people have been under the red on the radar screen for five hours straight. It is going to be a rough morning for them. Unfortunately for points south, that water has to go somewhere and I have a suspicion it might be this way.


Old Iron said...

I wish you luck bud.

KC said...

Hope you're well...

Anonymous said...

Late responding, but hopefully coming out this weekend will be a good diversion.

I'm convinced you're right. Bush is definitely white-people-hater. I haven't heard thing one about FEMA trailers or debit cards.