Monday, June 30, 2008

The Lights Aren't Off Yet

I know it has been pretty quiet around here because I've been posting most of my good political and odd news stuff over at doubleplusundead.  This blog, however, is not dead.  I think I'll use it to focus in more on personal stories, Wisconsin news and other oddities that may otherwise clutter up DPUD's fine establishment.
I had intended to cross-post most of my material here but found that to be tedious, to say the least.  Beyond the fact that I had to post an article twice, the method by which Blogger translates text into HTML is different than (it has to do with converting line breaks) so I end up having to do a lot of code cleanup to get it to look right.
Other topics I will continue/start to write about here include computer programming, web consulting and the future of several personal projects I'm working on including a book (Sci-Fi), a computer game (it has to do with killing ZOMBIES!) and the company I'm starting that will not only offer professional services to businesses but provide myriad blog installation and software solutions to the world at large.  I hope to make my professional website available soon at
If only I had an extra 5 hours per day!  Anyone want to lend me some?

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