Monday, May 12, 2008

From Hillary! to Hillary?

The "?" stands for "Is she batshit insane or what?"
Her campaign is renewing the argument that if she leads in the popular vote, she should be the Democratic nominee. Hillary is within striking distance of winning the popular vote nationwide -- a key part of our plan to win the nomination," campaign chairman Terry McAuliffe said in a letter to supporters Sunday.

"That means we need every last vote we can get in West Virginia on
Tuesday and in the races to follow."

Her campaign is trying to turn out the vote in the remaining six contests, hoping the popular vote argument will persuade superdelegates to endorse her instead of Obama.

This, of course, is not going to happen.

No way, no how. If she takes this to the convention, there will be

I hope Denver paid up its Police Protection tab.

Update: Looks like she's going to take West Virginia today by a ridiculous, ass-stomping margin. Doesn't fucking matter. At all. This is a state that still elects Robert "I'm a fucking Klansman" Byrd to the senate even though he's well past his expiration date.

Also, unlike Pennsylvania or Ohio or Florida or Michigan, this state is completely unimportant in the general election. It is going to McCain. Period.

I'm am, however, beginning to doubt my earlier prediction that she will drop out of the race due to this little McCain/Feingold caveat:
Hillary Clinton may have a financial incentive to remain in the presidential race for a while. And she has Senator John McCain to thank for it.

Clinton loaned her struggling campaign $11 million in recent months. A little-known provision of a 2002 campaign- finance law cosponsored by McCain prevents candidates who drop out of the race from raising money after the nominating conventions to repay themselves for personal loans.

Should Clinton fail to come up with the funds by the Democratic convention in August, she'll be out the $11 million. If she quits the campaign before then, she may find it hard to get people to keep giving cash just so she can retire her debt.

Of course, if this is why she's staying in it means that all donations from now until the end of the campaign are basically charity to the Clintons. I think you know where I stand on that proposition no matter how much Drew M. wants her to win.

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