Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Two-Bit Fucknugget Thinks He's Three-Bit FuckNugget

Oh no you don't you cockless shitstain:

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez may sign a contract for four Russian diesel submarines on a visit to Moscow next month, the Kommersant daily has reported, citing unidentified officials.

Chavez has been invited to the May inauguration of Dmitry Medvedev as Russian president.

If he takes up the invitation, the Venezuelan leader may use the opportunity to sign a contract to buy four Kilo-class diesel submarines agreed to at the start of this year, the paper said.

Kommersant said the submarine contract, worth about $1 billion ($1.27 billion), had been set to be signed in February.

Venezuela is seeking a loan of about $800 million ($1.02 billion) from a Russian bank, probably from Russia's official debt agent, Vneshekonombank, for some of the arms purchases, the paper said, adding that the loan had yet to be agreed.

Officials at Venezuela's Moscow embassy were not immediately available for comment on the report. A spokesman for Russia's state arms exporter could not be reached for comment and the foreign ministry declined to comment.

The paper said Venezuela also wants to buy 12 Ilyushin Il-76 military transport aircraft while Russia is interested in selling Caracas its new generation Sukhoi Su-35 fighters, which are still being tested.

Two things you little cocksucker.

One, it is about fucking time you realized there's only room for one enormous set of balls in this hemisphere so if you'd like your little raisins to see the sun you may want to relocate your socialist shithole somewhere more amenable like the Korean peninsula.

Second, I hope you and your slaves citizens enjoy spending all that grocery money on high tech death toys only to get froggy one day and have the Righteous Yankee Fist of Doom come a-fuckin' on through. You'll be sitting there explaining how submarines are supposed to be underwater to people who live in the reality that they are filled with water. I'd say you'd feel stupid but if being an unapologetic commie doesn't get you there, I'm pretty sure being on the receiving end of the most one-sided war since the Wehrmacht kicked a puppy wont' do it either.

Next time you come to visit the United Nations we catapult your commie ass into the side of the building at close range.

Hell, we should sell tickets.

Ya, esta adentro, papi?


Old Iron said...

Heh. You just gave me an idea...

Alice H said...

Is it time to invade Venezuela yet?

Hey, that could be an "Ask a Moron" question too!

Moron Pundit said...

I'll put it on the list of Ask A Moron questions! Awesome! I have two!

Anonymous said...

So what if Chavez gets subs. We can just sink them. I mean, it's not like they're on a radar screen.

We can just tell Chavez they screwed up in the Marianas Trench as we shove a Mark-48 torpedo up their ass or something. It would be good practice for our guys.

WebSpinner said...

I'm with you, asianbadger. Where do they build/keep those? Isn't in St. Petersburg shipyards? Isn't it on one of those bases on the northern edge of the continent? Wouldn't it be closer for them to travel throught the Atlantic than the Pacific? I bet we track them as they tranship through the North Sea and they have an "unfortunate accident" somewhere in the middle of the Atlantic.

Moron Pundit said...

Well, they are old submarines.

You know, accidents do happen.

Wouldn't want fings to get broke, wudja govna?