Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Obama Spins After Defeat

Destroys several towns in bitter, rural Pennsylvania:
You know, there were a lot of folks who didn't think we could make this a race when it started. They thought we were going to be blown out. But we worked hard, and we traveled across the state to big cities and small towns, to factories and VFW halls. And now, six weeks later, we closed the gap. We rallied people of every age and race and background to the cause. Well, actually, judging by the people standing be hind me, mostly white guys in Abercrombie and Fitch t-shirts. Whatever, fuck you! I need a cigarette.*

Only the Obamessiah could play a rather sturdy defeat (look at this county map to see how racist and bitter those cousin-fuckers were) as a resurgence. Hell, it was a RESURRECTION! He LIVES! HALLELUJAH! Even in defeat we have scored a major victory! There are no American forces in Baghdad! Yes we CAN! Chains we can believe in!

(An aside: Did you see what Michelle Obama was wearing? She must be raiding Bill Ayers' closet for paisley silk shirts because I don't know where you'd buy something so hideous in the present.)

* I may have made up that last bit.

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