Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Moron of the Day: Wrong Turn at Albuquerque

Apparently smuggling humans accross one border wasn't enough for this Coyote. He was going for the twofer:
A Kenosha County Sheriff's Department report says the driver and three passengers were in the cab of the pickup and four others were covered by blankets in the bed of the truck, which had Arizona license plates.

The passengers told the deputy when stopped on Interstate 94 Sunday that they believed they were "going to Wisconsin for a fiesta."

Deputies found soda cans and food along with pillows and blankets in the truck's cargo area where four men had been riding.

Going to Wisconsin for a fiesta? What the fuck? Summerfest isn't for another couple of months.

I think this guy just got lost and started talking about the Wisconsin fiesta after he saw the "Welcome to Wisconsin" signs. "Si, guys, we goeen to Weesconeseen for una fiesta, no?"


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