Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Moron of the Day: Justice Is Served Edition

Paranoid, deranged child-diddler plays with explosives in kitchen.

Paranoid, deranged child-diddler blows his ass up, dies:
A powerful explosion blew the top off a house where a registered sex offender described as acting paranoid had rented a room and appeared to have been making bombs, deputies said Tuesday.

I love the deputies explanation of what happened here:
"He either accidentally or intentionally set the explosion off, which took the whole top floor off of the residence and engulfed the house in flames," Troyer said.

"This wasn't a little explosion. This was the real deal," he said.

Lucky for him, no matter what condition he's in, the Barbed Cock of Satan will find a hole to get busy with. He's easy like that.

He's a giver.

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