Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Moron of the Day: Are You Sure You Want It Back?

Via Gizmodo I find the well-earned Moron of the Day:

This reminds me of my brother's 2nd or 3rd birthday party at Chuck "E" Cheese's. The whole family along with many family friends and young children filled the place for pizza and gaming and everyone was having a ball. We left my brother playing skee-ball for a moment but were soon called by frantic staff members.

There my brother laid, bleeding profusely from the head on the ground next to the skee-ball ramp. To this day we have no fucking clue how he did it but it required several stitches which were administered in the sterile environment of the kitchen.

Yes, the kitchen. I am not shitting you.

So, I guess I have to admit that this moron may not be medically retarded as my brother is in graduate school and he managed to injure himself in a way that could only be called moronic.

Anyone else have any stupid stories involving the moronic injury of family or friends? Throw them in the comments.


Veeshir said...

We were driving around a traffic circle in a 60s or 70s Chrysler Imperial when my 8 or 9 year old brother realized he had to go. So, being very clean, he opened the door and started to go. My father had hold of him for a second, but he fell out. I laughed. He's kind of an idiot.
My personal favorite was when my one niece, Sarah, told the other, Meggie, to toss her the cat while she, Sarah, was in the bathtub all wet and nekkid.
Hilarity ensued. My only problem was that I coudn't go in to point and laugh. As I always tell my nieces, if you fall and hurt yourself, make sure I'm watching.

Moron Pundit said...


That reminds me of another story involving my brother (he got hurt a LOT).

He and I were playing king of the hill but instead of a hill, we were using the stone step in front of our fireplace. To make it 'safe' we pulled a rug over it. What could go wrong?

So we were wrestling and pushing and he managed to toss me down on the ground. Well, I looked up and immediately formulated a clever scheme. If I pulled the rug out from under him, down he'd go!

So I pulled.

He went down, alright. Landed right on the edge of the step with the back of his head.

Again, stitches.