Wednesday, March 5, 2008


I know I haven't been revolutionizing the blog world lately but I haven't gotten too revved up by the general events and have been cripplingly busy. Who knew that two programming jobs and a baby were so much work? Well, the baby is the best kind of work. She's starting to smile now! And Chaika, I've got the shirt now and I'm just waiting for her to grow into it!

So, Clinton took Texas AND Ohio. Good on her. I'm not sure I want her to win the nomination because I DO believe that Obama is the weaker candidate in the general but I DO want the race to go to the convention before it is decided. If she can pull off a solid win in PA this thing is going to the wire and there will be fireworks.

Now, who should John McCain pick for his running mate? I like that governor in Alaska but I think he'll pick someone a bit more conventional and will struggle more in the general election than he should because of that.

Can Obama win? No. He cannot. Mark it down.

President John McCain will be the 44th. You saw it here first.

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