Thursday, March 13, 2008

Moron Humor*

January 27th, 2009

Barack Obama is sitting in the White House when he has an idea and decides to call the Queen of England.

"Good morning, your majesty, I've decided something! America is a Kingdom now!" says Barack.

"Why Mr. Obama, you aren't a King so you can't call America a Kingdom," replies the Queen.

"Well, what if I made America an Empire?" Barack asked.

"Why Mr. Obama, you aren't an emperor either so you can't call America an Empire," she replied.

"Well, what if I called America a Principality?" he asked, disgruntled.

"Of course, Mr. Obama, you aren't a Prince so you can't call America a Principality."

"Well, what should I do then, your majesty?" said Barack.

"Since you're in charge, I'd suggest you keep calling America a Country."

Imagine if I'd told that joke about Hillary Clinton!

*This joke is adapted (stolen) from an Australian comedian's joke I heard on XM so if you know his name, call me out.

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