Monday, March 17, 2008

Ministry of Shit Only Retards Can Believe

Rev. Wright is a true patriot:
"The whole point to Dr. Wright's sermons is to how do you make America a better America. If anything he's a true patriot," Hopkins said.

I fail to see how having God damn America (I have to assume he meant that literally as he is a true believer*) would make America better. Maybe he hangs out with Kos diarists (not too big of a fucking stretch, I know) and thinks it would make America better if it invaded and occupied.

Well, I'd like to have it be known that I want Wright's life to be better. God damn Wright. Also, I want the lives of all black Americans to be better. God damn black Americans**.

Fucking ridiculous. What a retarded clown. Him and every one of his asshatted parishioner's.

* - In Black Jeebus.

** - For the irony challenged (i.e. retards), I obviously don't want God to damn black Americans. Like I (or Reverand Footatarian) have the power to call down divine punishment anyway. Besides, calling for the damnation of merely 14% of the American population is surely less controversial than damning all of them.

That's just science.

Update: A similar argument is made here.

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David Colborne said...

Thanks for the link! I appreciate it.

I, for one, am happy that the Interwebs give us big enough tubes for you to fling your shit through.