Wednesday, February 20, 2008

That's a Great Reason!

An incredulous Henry Gomez:
Smoking gun evidence about how the mainstream media and particularly CNN, which we have always referred to as the castro news network, is trying to sanitize castro's legacy, EVEN NOW!

As if health care and education were a good enough excuse to violate human rights. We have to be fair now don't we?

Of course CNN believes health care and education are good enough excuses to violate human rights. They and their Democratic overlords believe just that. If you doubt me just imagine the laws and regulations we'll be dealing with after we have universal health care imposed on us allowing the government to tell you what to eat, drink, where to walk and where to live in order to keep costs down.

Not a human rights violation? Well, wait until people start to rebel against the system. Then you'll get them. Bunches of them.

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