Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Quote of the Day

Kim du Toit on men in relationships:

I think that men keep a running ledger going in their subconscious—all the good/great things about their relationship on the one side, and all the bad/terrible things on the other. At some point or another, if the perceived negatives outweigh the positives, the man will quit the relationship—I mean, just bail out of the whole thing—and usually with a swiftness and finality which confounds women.

In my case, this calculus is being performed continuously but only surfaces to my mind when something particularly egregious occurs reminding me that I'm not forced by God or law to remain associated with that individual.

Most correct is the swift finality of relationship moves made by men. Women think it is a whim due to its sudden nature but they fail to understand that the man has been thinking about it in great depth for months before acting.

He just didn't talk to her about it. Know why? He didn't want her to influence what is, in its totality, his decision.

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